the polar bear bin


Ideation & Refinement
Along with a primary furniture piece (Walden), I was also challenged to design a companion piece that could accompany it but be more consumable and more easily manufactured. I decided to design a laundry bin, a product that would be useful when changing in front of a mirror. To carry along the same language as the main piece, I referenced the forms of different animals. I ultimately decided on a polar bear, which had a form that could be simplified enough while still remaining recognizable.

The physical model was made in 1:2 scale. Molds were carved from foam and covered with a layer of water putty and joint compound. The molds were then vacuum formed with 1/8" styrene.

In making the 1:2 scale model, I discovered that the product could work as different types of containers at different sizes. At full scale, it functions as a laundry bin; at 1:2 scale, a small trash bin; at 1:5 scale, a pencil holder; and with a shallow base, a catchall tray.