a single serve coffee maker


Inspiration was taken from the parasitic relationship between the "zombie ant fungus" and its carpenter ant host. The fungus, which releases its spores onto the forest floor, invades the ant's body and controls its muscles in order to transport itself to an optimal location for reproduction.

The overall form of the coffee maker is derived from the idea of the leaf which the ant host hangs under as the fungus grows. The brewed coffee drips down from the top of the machine just as the spores float down to the forest floor.

A SolidWorks model was created to ensure that all components could fit properly within the machine's design. Drawings from the model were also used in shaping the physical prototype.

Features & Components
To operate, the green half sphere is released with a small twist. Inside fits a filter for a single serving of coffee grinds.

The lid is lifted to fill the basin with water for one week. The travel mug is set in the center indent where an opening leads spills back into the basin.

The top dial can set the time for coffee to be brewed. The bottom dial can turn the machine on to brew immediately or according to the timer.

When brewing, the mug's lid can be removed or a hole at the top of the lid can be slid open to allow for a quick grab in the morning.

Renders done in Keyshot show the body of the mug optionally being available in clear polycarbonate with a double wall for insulation.