Honey, I'm Home!
a key holder set


This design was entered into Fab's competition/exhibition for NYCxDesign 2014, "First Things First." It challenged designers to design the first thing they would put in a new home. This key holder was designed because a set of keys is often the first thing that makes a new place yours, so it is only fitting to give those keys a home as well.

I collaborated with a partner to design the key holder around the phrase, "Honey, I'm home" and played on the word "honey" in reference to honeybees.

The final design is an abstraction of a beehive as the wall piece and bees as the key chains to attach to your keys which would return to the key holder every day just as bees return to their hive. The prototype was created from layers of laser cut acrylic which were glued and sanded smooth before being painted with a metallic finish.

Since its exhibition during NYCxDesign 2014, we have received a lot of interest in the product and plan on producing a small batch of key holder sets to sell after making some refinements in the design. Each set would come with four key chains, each a different color to distinguish keys oh different household members. The key chains could be available in a wider variety of colors to be sold separately for households that may need more.